What will you get as coming to Doanh Tri?

What will you get as coming to Doanh Tri?

• Enriching the knowledge, sharing experiences, learning latest skills, most modern models
• Using time most effectively
• Increasing productivity and performance of work
• Creating professional ways in management and work
• Opportunities for exchanging, expanding social relations and work relations
• Increasing confidence and interest in work


We commit

We commit

Providing sufficient, appropriate and easiest tools to apply
• Giving specific instructions how to use tools into practice
• Structuring programs in service of the codification of knowledge
• Course designed based on complete system and science
• Content of training and consultancy is updated from latest knowledge in the country and from abroad
• Trainers and consultants are professional, dedicated, experienced from practice
• Teaching under Australia's current technology
• Maintain contact to answer learner’s post course questions
• Best learning means and conditions

Mission, vision, and core value


To become one of the most reliable addresses of business community in providing training and management consulting services in Vietnam


Co-operate with customers on the very step of integration.
Pride on customer's success that is partly of our enthusiastic contribution, people work in improving THE INTELLIGENCE OF BUSINESS (DOANH TRI)

Core value

Learning must go together with practice
Words must go together with action

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